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Whether it’s creating more housing, upgrading our infrastructure, or adapting to climate change, one thing is clear: the construction industry is at the center of solving some of our biggest problems. At Kojo, it is our guiding mission to build sustainable solutions to these problems. As colleagues, we aim to embody our Core Values and we are empowered by what our shared vision of the future looks like when we succeed together.

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Our values


  • You have a growth mindset
  • You are excited by problems because they’re opportunities for improvement
  • You see feedback is essential to your own, your peers, and the company’s growth
  • You are excited to learn from your peers


  • You look for “10x” solutions
  • You are determined to transform the industry
  • You are insatiably curious. You keep asking why
  • You seek to understand the truth behind problems and find solutions to them


  • You expect to have the full context because you know it’s key to making excellent decisions
  • You have an obligation to speak up
  • You ask for candid and frequent feedback, and share it proactively

Intentional Communication

Intentional Communication
  • You communicate directly with compassion
  • You have a bias towards written communication and documentation to open up access to your thinking
  • You are thoughtful around what type of communication is necessary to achieve your goals expediently
  • You listen with openness and curiosity


  • You celebrate wins
  • You care intensely about Agora’s success
  • You care about the well-being and success of your teammates
  • You strive for excellence and inspire others to do the same

Customer Obsession

Customer Obsession
  • You care deeply about our customers
  • You seek to understand their pain
  • You know they’re not always “right” but you always try to solve the root of their problems
  • You understand that what might be small things to us make a huge difference for them
  • You go the extra mile to delight them


  • You accomplish amazing amounts of important work
  • You prioritize rigorously
  • You’re both fast-paced and detail-oriented
  • You see process as a tool for achieving great results, not as an end in itself
  • You measure results and are evidence-based


  • You know a mix of different perspectives will lead to excellent decisions
  • You seek out a difference of views when building teams and making decisions
  • You are open minded to perspectives that are different from your own
  • You make the extra effort to see things from the other’s point of view
  • You encourage others to speak up and share their points of view


  • You are motivated by having the space to make your best judgments about what should be done and how to do it
  • You establish clear next steps and do what you say you’ll do
  • You hold others accountable to meeting their commitments
  • You appreciate others doing the same
  • You are an owner of Agora and act in its best interests

From our team

"I feel right at home with my colleagues, who are not only experts in their fields, but also happen to be a group of really friendly and supportive folks. I love how we celebrate our success together - and there have been many causes for celebration!"

Sarah Magnuson

"It's incredibly fulfilling to work with such a driven, intelligent, and supportive team. We're disrupting a massive industry and our team is the backbone to our success."

Ken Wohl

"Kojo's team is highly talented, deeply approachable, and led by the most transparent leadership. I feel empowered to do my best work here and I love seeing the impact it's having on our users and their industry."

Annie Ritch

"We’re solving a major problem for the construction industry - one that's often considered to just be the cost of doing business. Bringing innovation to the industry is equally challenging and fulfilling!”

Jared Moor

"As a young engineer, Kojo has empowered me to take more ownership in both technical and product decisions. The team puts trust in every individual while still having great senior engineers who mentor. I couldn’t be happier."

Keenan Zucker

"Working at Kojo has been an absolute dream. The culture is what sets Kojo apart. Everybody cares about each other’s success and the support I receive from leadership has confirmed that Kojo is the right place for me."

Jamie Webb

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Changing an industry is about solving hard problems together. Check out our open positions and help us transform the way construction projects find success.

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